I am a wife, mother, and business woman. I own an advertising agency in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I am passionate about many things. Yes, marketing is one of them. I get a kick out of helping businesses grow. Especially small businesses. Why? Because small business is the backbone of our country.

I am also passionate about my family, friends, and empowering other women.

My entire life, people have always asked me… “Where did you get that?” “How did you make that?” This website is my sounding board. A place where I can share all things, with YOU!

I’m a Louisiana-born, Dallas, Texas-raised girl, transported to the Sooner State. I followed my husband of 25-years to grow old together in his hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma. We have two children together, ages 24 and 21.

I'm 53. My philosophy is, never stop learning and growing. My plan is to spend a portion of my life with you. I’ll share recipes I love, entertaining ideas that will wow your guests, gardening advice, life lessons/life hacks, and so much more. I don’t claim to be an expert. I just love making those I love happy. Because it makes me happy. If you have that same desire, then you’ve come to the right place.

We’re all on this ride we call life, together. Come along with me!