Choosing Artwork for the Home

My husband and I bought our first home together when our daughter was only 2 weeks old. We had so many happy memories there. Raising our sweet little family. As you walked through our old house, it had a very traditional feel. Every singe wall was covered with photos of our children. No real artwork. Just precious family memories.

When we moved in to our new home, the home we took almost two years to build, I pondered what to put on the walls. Artwork never meant much to me before. After all, my babies were my art and I was fine to adorn my walls with their precious faces. But with the new house came change.

My taste went from traditional to transitional. The house felt more modern. And to be honest, so did I. And, like most ideas that pop into my head, I began to ponder. Sitting across from a wall. Studying the space. Playing different scenarios in my head. I knew I needed something massive for our living room with it’s 14-foot ceilings. How would I ever find something large enough to fit the space?

That’s when local artist, @angelafinchart, came to mind. Her mother and I go way back. She mentioned that her daughter had a real talent. (She got it from her mama.) So, we got in touch and the rest is history.

The moral of the story is, sometimes you can find something in a store or online that is the perfect fit for the statement you want to make. Sometimes, you have to think outside of the box.

My advice is, support your local artists. Set a meeting. Sit in your space together and talk about your vision. They can help bring your vision to life. And most of the time, at a fraction of the price of retail. The end result will be the perfect size, the perfect palette, the perfect reflection of YOU.

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