My COVID Story. Part 2

Hopefully, by now, you’re read Part 1 of my story. If not. Please stop and go read that first. Part 2 of my story are all tips for helping you get through COVID should you unfortunately encounter its DEVIL wrath! Here is everything I know. 

Tip #1

DO NOT WAIT TO SEEK HELP. Upon your immediate diagnosis, seek help. If you live in the Tulsa, OK area, here are a couple of physicians who can offer advice and help. Even of you don’t live in the area, request a Televisit.


Ask Dr. Boomer for the monoclonal antibody infusion. You have to have a doctor's order to get it. But he can get it for you and fast! This is the company that came out to my home. A wonderful pharmacist, named Jerry, who works for the company was instrumental in helping me and answered so many questions. Highly recommend. Read about what this infusion does. Word is spreading like crazy about it’s benefits. And better yet, it’s saving lives!

Tip #3

I mentioned this is Part 1. But get a Pulse Ox. It’s important. Monitor your oxygen levels every hour of every day while you have the disease. This is the one I have HERE.

Tip #4

Sleep on your stomach. Sleeping on your stomach can improve your oxygenation.

Tip #5

No matter how bad you feel, get up every hour and move. Make laps around your house. Take a 15 minute walk around your neighborhood. Movement is good to keep your lungs functioning and it keeps things moving so you don’t get blood clots from laying for too long. DO NOT LAY IN BED. That's the worst thing you can do. Keep moving. What's the old saying, "Use it or lose it." We don't want to lose it. KEEP MOVING!!!

Tip #6

Take a baby aspirin daily. But I recently heard that if you have had COVID, you need to take 325 mg daily for 3 months after COVID. Again, it’s for the blood clots. Talk to your doctor.

Tip #7

I talked about this in Part 1, but here it is again. Dr Boomer prescribed me the following. It’s what started to bring me back.

Side note. I also took Ivermectin for 4 days. It was prescribed by a doctor. Not a feed store. 😆 It just wasn’t helping me, so I stopped. It is a fantastic drug. Very safe. But is really best to take early on or as a preventative. Talk to your doctor. 

Tip #8

Drink hot tea with honey. I’ve been drinking hot ginger tea. Ginger is a natural immune booster. The hot tea helps break up what’s in the chest. Honey is loaded with antioxidants.

Tip #9

Take long, hot showers. Even when you have fever. The fever is good and your body’s natural response to fight infection. Allow it to come. But, the hot shower helps break up all of the mucus in your chest. I took one every, single day. Even at my sickest. 

Tip #10

Rest. Rest. Rest. Allow your body the rest it needs to recover. Sleep is good. Listen to your body and give it what it needs. 

Tip #11

Trust me. The last thing on your mind will be food. You won’t feel like eating. But do it anyway. Food is not as important as drinking TONS OF FLUIDS. But, you still need to eat. You need the protein for energy. I didn’t eat for days and my energy level was in the toilet. Once I started eating a little, I felt stronger. You won’t be able to taste what you’re putting in your mouth. But eat anyway. For some reason, I also craved tons of watermelon. Loaded with potassium and water. Maybe my body needed it?

Tip #12

One tip that came to me from a friend who messaged me about a treatment she has been taking for months. She didn't have COVID, but has lung damage since taking the vaccine. She has been going to a place called Salt Earth in Bixby. Her story is that this place has helped her get off all the inhalers. She has been doing breathing treatments in their salt room and she swears by it. In fact, she says, "it's restored my lungs." I plan to try this treatment as soon as I am doing better. I believe in all things natural healing.

Note: I have been once. I need to go back. It was very relaxing and interesting to say the least. While there, I talked in detail with the gal running the place. She talking about children that to do the salt therapy for eczema and other skin related diseases. I also did further research on my own. Did you know, since ancient times, people have flocked to the Dead Sea in Israel for its healing benefits. This landlocked body of water contains salt with the highest concentration of therapeutic anti-inflammatory minerals on Earth, including calcium, potassium and silicon. The pain experienced by osteoarthritis patients plummeted by 80% after soaking daily in the Dead Sea salt baths for two weeks. The Dead Sea baths have also successfully treated symptoms of eczema and psoriasis. These Salt Rooms have similar benefits. Again, do your own research. I'll go back. I'm all for any natural remedies. And, it's super affordable!

Tip #13

After I put this information out, I received an email from Dr. Debbie Glad-Foley. She is a rheumatologist. Here is what she added...

Hi, Glad you survived Cov. I'm a rheumatologist and have treated, successfully, numerous patients outpatient. A couple other recommended otc supplements include: Quercetin, and Elderberry. If you would like to add additional Covid treatments to your Part 2 - Pepcid 40mg once if not twice daily. It blocks histamine found recently to be required by Cov. The budesonide inhaler is $$$$$ and in shortage, so I've been Rxing the ampule box of 30, to be used in a nebulizer breathing machine; much cheaper and readily available.

Tip #14: UPDATE

Today is Sept 18. I'm really starting to feel like myself again. I went into the office all week and worked like a dog to get caught up. 😆 It feels good to get back to normal and do normal things. My breathing is soooo much better. Doesn't hurt to take a deep breath anymore. I'm pretty much back to me. At the beginning of the week, I was very tired. Felt like I had a sinus infection. Called Boomer's office and they prescribed a zpak (Azithromycin). I take my last pill today. One other thing they recommended is for me to take Flonase (an over the counter allergy medicine) or Zyrtec or Claritin. The ragweed is really bad in Oklahoma currently. As it turns out, that was what was bothering me. I ended up just using Zicam nasal spray and taking the zpak when I go to bed. I feel amazing.

Well, that’s really it. I’m sure I’m forgetting something. I’ll keep adding to this blog as I think of things. I just hope this is useful information you can use. And I hope it will help someone who’s in the thick of it. 

I would appreciate it if you would share this blog. Share my Instagram channel @justmeheatherb. Tell everyone you know. And don’t hesitate to reach out should you have any questions. Good luck to you all and may God send his angels to cover you in His protection. “Be still, and know that I am God! I will be honored by every nation. I will be honored throughout the world.” Psalm 46:10



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