Office Decor: Make Your Space a Place You Want to Be

How many of you are inspired by pretty places? I am one of those people. 🙋‍♀️

And a side note, I also feel most at peace when things are clean and organized (Yes, I may have a little bit of that OCD thing. I admit it! Not ashamed.)

When I was planning the decor for my Chatter Marketing offices, I wanted a space that was pretty. A place that inspired creativity. A place that felt like a home away from home. And it had to be chic.

I found the furniture for my office at @zgallerie. I remember flipping through one of their magazines and seeing an office design idea. It stopped my in my tracks. I loved the glass top to the desk and its sleek, chrome legs. And, the low profile leather and chrome chairs sucked me in. I threw in a flashy cowhide rug and an inexpensive chandelier from @lowes and voila! Home away from home.

I love my office. I love working there. I love that It’s cozy and inviting. AND GLAM! All of these things were important to me. After all, it’s where I spend so much of my time. I NEED to want to be there.

I also wanted my employees to work in a pretty, comfortable, and collaborative environment. When designing their space, I saw a layout at a friend’s office that I thought would be a perfect fit for the team. I mimicked that layout. Desks were purchased at @ikea and are laid out in an open environment where ideas can flow freely. And, as an added bonus, there’s a couch where staff and clients can kick back during brain-storming sessions.

I write this to say, put some thought into the spaces where you spend the most time. When you see something you like, it’s okay to copy. Most consider it the best form of flattery.

An office, a kitchen, a master bedroom—wherever you spend your time, make it pretty. Make it a soft place to fall to work and live. My two spaces are my kitchen and my office. So, if you’re trying to find me, there’s a good chance you’ll score with one of those locations. 🤩

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