I love two seasons the most. Spring and Fall. As Fall approaches, I have all the feels. The falling leaves. The pumpkin spice. The winter clothes. The change makes me happy.

I also love to entertain and celebrate during this time of year. Soon, I will host what we call "Dinner Group" at my house. Simply put, it's a group of my girls, with their significant others (or not 😉). We all gather to dine and enjoy each other's company. The hostess makes the main dish, everyone else brings along an appetizer, side, or dessert. It's always fun to sample what everyone brings. And trust me...the food is ALWAYS amazing! My girls can cook!

I always like to set a pretty table at dinner parties. And this year, I am continuing with my clean, minimalist theme...but adding touches of Fall colors to the mix. I always start with a neutral palette: gold or silver chargers, white plates, clean linen napkins, etc. Then, add in splashes of color with fresh or silk garland down the center of the table. Then, add some pretty, neutral colored pumpkins, candles, wine glasses and other essentials...and voilà! Let the party begin!

Here are a few of the items I have found to dress up my table. I can't wait to share the overall look after the event. Stay tuned for that!